Soda Percarbonate

Format: 25kg
Sale price$241.50 CAD

Explore a powerful, eco-friendly cleaning solution with our sodium percarbonate. This white, oxygenated, non-toxic powder is the perfect answer to all your whitening and cleaning needs.

Sodium percarbonate is a natural and effective bleach, ideal for removing stubborn stains from clothing, carpets and hard surfaces. Its active formula releases oxygen when mixed with water, working deeply to break down dirt, grease and stains, while preserving the color of fabrics.

Versatile and environmentally friendly, our sodium percarbonate can also be used to clean and disinfect household surfaces, floors, bathrooms and much more. Its rapid dissolution and remarkable effectiveness make it a safe and practical choice for all your cleaning tasks.

Carefully packaged to preserve freshness and quality, our sodium percarbonate is ready to use upon receipt.