The mission of the Rives program

RIVES embodies an essential solution for our precious lakes. Aims to finance projects and/or expertise with the aim of improving the health of wetlands and water environments. Residents not only adopt safe products for their septic systems; by opting for Planette products, they contribute to the creation of a sustainable fund to ensure the sustainability of their natural environment.

Our lakes lack love

Eutrophication, blue algae, climate change, sediments, loss of value of real estate, obsolete infrastructure…

Local residents' organizations and associations would like to make a difference, but the problem of financing and expertise quickly becomes a discouragement.

Because water is our greatest wealth

Planette wants, through its FPC program , to give organizations or associations the chance to give back directly to the source, your source and the source of tomorrow.

We need to see to believe, that's what we offer you.

We want to give you the chance to be the change by helping you educate your members in the use of good household products that will not damage the lakes and subsequently give you the financial means for training, projects, everything. which is important according to your needs.

Lack of money and resources, citizens left to their own devices

Municipalities do not have all the means to have a strategy for their waterways, employees are not all trained and many methods for paths and lakes are used due to lack of knowledge. It all comes back to lack of funds and awareness. We must now stop dealing only with emergencies and look further. Rives is part of the solution. Give citizens the means and be part of a community to go further.


A double impact for the health of waterways

1- Use the right household products (no new expenses), the proper functioning of a septic tank is by far one of the primary factors in the eutrophication of our lakes. As a local resident, it is essential to be aware and to properly maintain your septic system.

Our 100% natural and biodegradable products, made from Marseille soap, are versatile, vegan, contain essential oils and most importantly, they have been tested by a renowned company in the field of septic installations in Canada. DBO Expert certifies that our products maintain the proper functioning of septic tanks.

2- With the monetary return, carry out projects or studies to improve the health of wetlands and water environments.

Benefit for the association

Associations or organizations will finally be able to have the means to achieve and raise awareness among their members. Most of the time managed by volunteers, the lack of resources or time does not allow us to accomplish our objectives as quickly, which often leads to discouragement. By self-financing in this way, it is very encouraging to participate.

  • Sustainable financing for concrete projects.
  • Increased member awareness.
  • Less dependence on municipalities

Advantage for the local resident

Residents not only adopt safe products for their septic systems; by opting for Planette products, they contribute to the creation of a sustainable fund to ensure the sustainability of their natural environment.

  • Household, healthy and ecological products.
  • Contribution to the protection of lakes.
  • Real estate value not diminished
  • Access to training and funds for their projects.
  • The power to change things without delay

How it works?

Easy online ordering

Participants can place their orders directly online via your personalized platform. You are not responsible for any administrative management.

Real-time tracking

Thanks to your master account, you can monitor in real time the amount accumulated by your organization.

Flexible Delivery

Participants have the choice between pick-up (location listed in your contract) or home delivery with additional costs if everything is outside the area. The goal is to avoid costs and the carbon footprint of the project.

Simplified Distribution

Receive the order file and clearly identified boxes with the products. All you have to do is distribute the products according to orders.

Our New Platform

Our brand new platform is designed to offer you a unique, simple, pleasant and above all very lucrative experience! With a Planette campaign, you benefit from numerous advantages.

Registrations open from April