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Discover our products in several stores across Quebec, where Planette is highlighted among a varied selection of other products! Our items are available in bottles and in bulk, although availability of products and formats may vary depending on the point of sale. Some stores carry our original bottles, while others accept your own containers. We recommend that you check opening hours before visiting.

Mother Nature

Mother Natures are your engaged neighbors in your community, offering our products from their homes. Their mission? Support you in your transition to more sustainable consumption habits, responding to your needs with particular attention. Additionally, you can request samples or borrow our Discovery Bag to try our products before purchasing them. Our items are available in bottles and bulk, and availability may vary from Mother Nature to another. They also accept your own containers. You must contact them to make an appointment.

No point of sale near you?

Do you love our products and are already telling all your loved ones about them? So why not you? Get 40% profit by becoming a Mother Nature now! Find out how here: Mother Natures