Work of exceptional quality

Without compromise!

Your health should never be sacrificed for efficiency. Evidence is accumulating: the daily use of inappropriate household products seriously harms our health. There are real threats to your job.

On average, janitorial workers are exposed to harmful chemicals for 4 to 8 hours per day and take more sick days annually than the average worker due to job-related discomfort. More than 6,000 cases of poisoning by cleaning products are reported each year, with an increasing trend.

This is where Planette comes in.

Our commitment is clear: improve your daily professional life without compromising your health and by improving the quality of your work.

Our advantages are undeniable and tangible


Have you been disappointed by using natural cleaning products? We were too, that's why we created them! Our solutions rival the effectiveness of chemicals. Inspired by the famous Marseille soap, our simple 5-ingredient formulas make your life easier, removing stubborn stains without hassle.

Economy and simplicity

On average, professionals use between 7 and 15 products. With Planette, simplify your stock: fewer purchases, more efficiency. Our 5 versatile products replace more than 29 tasks, reducing transport and storage.

Health and security

55% of workers suffer from skin irritations. Goodbye irritations: our products do not attack the skin or lungs, for work without a negative mask, with complete peace of mind.

Customer experience and satisfaction

Smells from essential oils for a unique olfactory experience. Freshness = cleanliness and satisfaction. Offer a place without chemicals, respectful of the health of families and their animals.

What if you could make up to 40% profit by offering our products to your customers?

Your customers will be seduced by the smell and impressed by the effectiveness. Offer them the experience even in your absence by using the products.

Planette offers you a range of 100% effective products,
natural and designed in Quebec at affordable prices.

Live the Planette experience for a real difference!

BONUS: receive a free 250ml essential oil air freshener with every order! Leave a unique olfactory signature with your customers to enhance their satisfaction and create a unique experience!