Corporate offer

Discover our Corporate Offer program, offering three unique solutions to strengthen your presence on the market!

Explore our Corporate Offer program, deploying three solutions to boost your footprint on the market! With tailor-made offers and unique innovation, consolidate your leadership with solutions adapted to your vision and your growth.

Corporate Gift

Offer your customers a gift that reflects your image, embodying your sustainability values. Practical and thoughtful, this product strengthens your connection with your customers, while supporting your commitment to sustainable development.

Promotional Item

Promote your image at events with a personalized product that sets you apart. Forget traditional business cards - instead offer something that will make an impression on visitors and which will shine in the homes of your prospects, thus spreading your brand brilliantly!

White Marks

Are you making a product? We have a maintenance solution that complements this one! Create the perfect cleaning product that is 100% complementary to your current offering with YOUR brand image!

Our wording, your image, your customers.

Smell : Personalized and unique olfactory signature. Composed of 100% natural essential oils. Your smell will bring the customer experience to another level by making your customers experience positive emotions.

Personalized label : A product in your image which will benefit from your notoriety to position itself as a reference in your field.

Formulation : A 100% effective formulation adapted to the composition of your current products in order to help them preserve their integrity and maintain your promise of quality.

The advantages of our corporate offer

Bringing your brand image to life in customers’ daily lives

Promote the adoption of eco-responsible habits

Cultivate customer engagement and enter new markets

Create repeat purchases and diversify your income

Ensure customer satisfaction

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