Mother Nature

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of Quebec households have household products at home and buy them regularly! A recurring consumption product that generates continuous sales!

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How about talking about our products as you already do to those around you but also receiving a 40% profit ? Aren't you a good salesperson? That’s good, it’s not required! You just have to talk about products from your heart and explain to people the miracles they can accomplish with them.

Definition of a mother nature

Passionate about our products, she naturally recommends them to everyone she meets. She is a point of contact in her region, sharing her experiences and knowledge in a spirit of mutual aid. Its role is to support people in transforming their consumption habits. It educates people so that they understand the products they consume and offers them choices in accordance with the lifestyle they wish to adopt.

You already naturally talk about it to those around you, what would you say about continuing to do the same thing while generating an income?

The benefits of mother nature

-Exchange with people who share the same values

-Create your own schedule

-Work from home

-Generate additional income

-Build a loyal customer base through a recurring consumption product

-Have an inventory at home

-Train within our beautiful community

-No recruitment to do, no sales team to manage

In the eye of the Dragon 🐉

Quite an accomplishment to have participated in the show ''Dans l'oeil du Dragon''. One of the most stressful moments of our lives!

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A word from our co-founder

We are committed to developing their entrepreneurial capacity and supporting them. We are proactive and offer ongoing training and tailor-made coaching. The women learn to manage their inventory, their customers, create their marketing strategy, create partnerships, particularly with companies, which develops our network. Personally, entrepreneurship was never presented to me as a career option. I want to open up this possibility. I don't want saleswomen, but self-employed workers. They develop their small business and become intrapreneurs at Planette!

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I was able to realize my dream of becoming self-employed by having my own store at home!

Mylène Lévesque Rawdon

I was impressed by the effectiveness and simplicity of the ingredients that make up Planette products. REAL ecological products, 100% natural that were safe for your health and the environment! So I too wanted to be able to enable such an ecological shift for people in my community, by offering them the opportunity to purchase these wonderful products in bulk.

Sonia Desmarais