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Marseille soap

Our Marseille soap, the key ingredient in our formulations, is renowned worldwide for its exceptional natural cleaning powers, biodegradable and versatile. It revolutionizes your cleaning routine by combining efficiency and respect for the environment.

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Planette, an uncompromising experience

Reinvent your cleaning routine with unparalleled efficiency, captivating scents that enliven your senses, and formulations designed to be proudly displayed on your counter. Products designed to be part of your families' daily lives, taking care of you and the planet.

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Essential oils

Essential oils transform every household task into a captivating sensory experience. Their natural aromas offer a touch of magic, awakening the senses and leaving a feeling of freshness in every room. Live a unique experience thanks to our unique smells.

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I like Planette

I like Planette because it helps me make an effort for our planet, it smells good, no danger for animals and they clean really well

Tina Labonte

I like Planette because it's simple, effective, ecological, in bulk, it smells good and it's human

Karelle Trottier

I like Planette because in addition to being effective, I feel safe when I use your products.

Karine Levesque

I like Planette because it's eco-friendly, it smells like heaven, it's safe for my family and what's more, I'm supporting a local family business.

Shanny Bourgois

I like Planette because it's gentle on the skin, since I've been using them I no longer have eczema on my hands

Annie Lalancette

Let nature take care of your home.

At Planette, we believe in the power of natural ingredients to clean your home without compromising your health or the environment. Our unique formulas, combining artisanal know-how with respect for nature, guarantee impeccable results while preserving the softness of your surfaces and the quality of the air you breathe. Let's focus on a clean future for generations to come.

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