Sun Sanitizer

Immerse yourself in a sunny atmosphere with our air freshener with the exclusive scent of the summer season. Refreshing and energizing, its scent evokes balmy sunny days, bringing the sun into your home. Treat yourself to a breath of freshness and vitality with our air freshener, for a sunny atmosphere wherever you are.

125ml format

Recommended Uses:

  • Refresh the ambient air
  • Eliminate odor

Lime essential oil leaves us feeling fresh and clean, while tangerine adds a sweet and fruity touch. These two essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal properties, ideal for eliminating germs and mold. Coriander, for its part, offers us a herbaceous and slightly spicy scent. It is an excellent natural deodorizer that neutralizes unpleasant odors!

Alcohol 85% and essential oils.

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Format: 120ML
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