Well-being duo Freshness of the woods

Discover our perfect gift set to take care of yourself in a natural and environmentally friendly way. Our ultra-gentle soap, made from natural ingredients and without palm oil, pampers your skin while preserving its natural balance. Complete your wellness ritual with our bath salt made from white Dead Sea salt, providing a deeply relaxing experience and nourishing your skin with its natural minerals, for soft, hydrated and revitalized skin.

Each set contains 2 products
#1 Shower gel 250ml
#2 Bath salt 225g

Freshness of the woods
This harmonious fragrance combines the fruity sweetness of a ripe pear with the invigorating freshness of the forest, creating a soothing and revitalizing ambiance. The whole evokes an olfactory experience that balances fruity delicacy and woody vitality.

Aqua, sodium cocoamphodiacetate, D-glucopyranose, oligomeric, C10-16-Alkyl glycosides, vegetable glycerin, natural fragrance synergy, citric acid and sodium benzoate.

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