Frimas Sanitizer

Immerse yourself in the fresh and invigorating ambiance of winter with our Frimas air freshener, infused with the refreshing essence of pine and fir. This fragrance evokes the purity of snowy landscapes and brings a touch of revitalizing freshness to your space. Let yourself be transported by these woody and invigorating notes which offer you a breath of pure air, even in the heart of winter.

125ml format

Recommended Uses:

  • Refresh the ambient air
  • Eliminate odor

Our boreal forest synergy harmoniously blends the woody freshness of conifers with balsamic notes, transporting your senses to the heart of northern nature. A captivating olfactory experience that evokes the tranquility and grandeur of the boreal forest.

Alcohol 85% and essential oils.

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Format: 125ML
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