Scouring cream

Discover our natural and ecological scouring cream, the secret to deep cleaning! With its innovative formula, this cleaning cream is specially designed to remove stubborn stains and dirt, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

Made from Marseille soap and enriched with a mild natural abrasive based on pumice stone, our scouring cream offers exceptional cleaning power while preserving the quality of your surfaces. No more wasted time rubbing, this cream acts quickly and effectively to save you time and energy.

Available in 250ml or 1L

Recommended Uses:

  • Cauldrons stuck together
  • Inside your oven
  • Fireplace windows
  • Cooking surface
  • Ceramic hob
  • Hands stained with paint, grease or glue
  • Stains of paint, grease or glue on the floor
  • Anything that needs scrubbing!

Planet Tip
Over time the product may thicken. Simply add a tablespoon of hot water and stir well to re-liquidify everything.

Our synergy of basil and lemon essential oils gives you a refreshing and stimulating combination. Let yourself be enveloped by their fresh and invigorating aroma for an invigorating experience every day.


Clay, Marseille soap (72% olive oil), sodium bicarbonate, pumice stone, essential oils.

The pumice stone could scratch certain surfaces. Try on a small area first. Never use on vehicle paint.

Septic system
This product has been tested by BOD expert and maintains the proper functioning of septic tanks.

Format: 250ML
Sale price$11.95 CAD