In every bottle of our range of household products, resides the radiance of the captured sun. Signé soleil brings a refreshing harmony of mandarin, lime and coriander that floods your spaces with vitality. Let your home radiate cleanliness and freshness, as if capturing the best of every sunny day.


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Sun Sanitizer
Sun Sanitizer Sale price$7.95 CAD
Sun Concentrate
Sun Concentrate Sale priceFrom $5.50 CAD
Soleil Scouring Cream
Soleil Scouring Cream Sale price$6.95 CAD
Degreaser and Sun Stain Remover
Degreaser and Sun Stain Remover Sale priceFrom $15.95 CAD
Sun Degreaser and Stain Remover - Large Formats
All-Purpose Sun
All-Purpose Sun Sale priceFrom $10.95 CAD
All-Purpose Sun - Large Formats
All-Purpose Sun - Large Formats Sale priceFrom $76.65 CAD