Planette in 4.0 mode

La Planette en mode 4.0
Before the pandemic, the rise of neighborhood boutiques and zero-waste stores had created a new era of responsible consumption. Proudly, people left on Saturday morning with their reusable bags and empty bottles to visit their local zero waste store and refill their bulk products.

The pandemic has changed the situation. The zero waste market has collapsed. Store closures continue because traffic has decreased. But what happened to cause a growing market to become a victim of such decline?

Shopping habits have changed. The pandemic has accustomed people to grouping their purchases in the same place, by centralizing their grocery shopping, while reinforcing the fear of contamination. Safety concerns, amplified by widely publicized contamination risks during the pandemic, have also made bulk a source of concern for consumers. The habit is lost and does not return.

We can no longer deny it or bury our heads in the sand. We are in an era of technology and online shopping. Planette therefore saw in this change in consumption the opportunity to revitalize the marketing of its products via the web.

A new website in the color of our products: simple, effective and elegant. We have deliberately abandoned an ecological marketing approach often associated with a bohemian and "grano" lifestyle, choosing instead to integrate ecology deeply into our identity. In 2024, we believe that key players in the household products sector will be out of step if they do not place ecology at the heart of their priorities. You will have the chance to discover how ecology is not only omnipresent in our formulations, but also in the production process! (link to our distinctive factors page)

A new fluid and intuitive navigation allowing you to quickly find the products you are looking for and place an order with ease. Plus, true to form, you always have access to friendly customer service and accurate information that won't leave any of your questions unanswered. Our ultimate goal is to bring to market an essential product that unconsciously transforms consumption habits, thereby having a significant mass impact. Are you looking for a point of sale? The website will make your search easier. Everything is in place so that no matter how you wish to obtain the products, the information comes to you in just one click! Because in 2024, green cleaning should not be a luxury, but rather a norm. Let's be the change.