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“Our mother-daughter duo wants to provide you with the right tools to make decisions that are consistent with your values. Our products represent a natural turnkey solution for eco-conscious consumers who lack the time to manufacture their own natural household products”

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Mix business with pleasure by simplifying your cleaning routine. Natural and effective products handmade in a zero-waste workshop by moms, for local families.

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Your dependence on natural solutions will forever be satisfied thanks to our new subscription program, allowing you to receive refills automatically, according to your needs!

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Our mission? To simplify your everyday life by offering household products that are safe for the whole family. Choosing Planette means minimizing your ecological footprint by using simple, versatile, efficient and natural products.
In our fast-paced lives, daily chores are often monotonous. It’s like that for everyone. With our products, you can transform your household cleaning habits into pleasant and productive moments, while enjoying the satisfaction of taking good care of your health and your planet.

Several years of research in our zero-waste workshop have lead us to create a wide range of healthy household products for a greener lifestyle. Not only are our products made with 100% natural ingredients, our scents are made from natural essential oils chosen specifically for their cleaning properties, thus increasing our products’ efficiency while providing the benefits of aromatherapy.

Planette reinvents how you do housework. In our own way, we aim to change the world and have a positive impact on our community through great products created by moms, for local families.

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You want Planette to help simplify your business management, while ensuring the safety of your customers and employees?

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