Cream set



This gift set includes a cream cleaner, a scouring cream and two scrubbies made with nylon net by la Capitaine Crochète

Cream cleaner 2 in 1: cleaning and degreasing (240ml)
This, all natural product, is a liquid magic eraser. Ideal for bathroom sink, tubs and showers, its degreasing power remove soap scum and tough dirt in a flash!
Scouring cream 3 in 1: Cleaning, Degreasing, Abrasive (240ml)
Use this basil and citrus smell product in your kitchen to keep your pots, pans and baking sheets impeccably clean and give a new life to your oven! This natural scrubing cream made form Marseille soap contains a soft natural abrasive of pumice stone.
Blue and red (teal) scrubbie made by la Capitaine Crochète with nylon net. Eco-friendly product, washable, lasting to clean dishes, the kitchen, the bathroom and more. 100% nylon (in the form of ultra resistant nylon net intended for manufacturing scrubbing products. Crafting tulle is NOT used).Does not scratch anti-adhesive cookware, stainless steel, ceramic and more! Always test new surfaces.
Diameter : approximatively 7.5 cm (3 inches)
Wring and hang to dry after use. Moderately wring in a clean cotton cloth if necessary.
For a quick, efficient and simple cleaning, I recommend soaking in almost boiling water or soaking in almost boiling water in which you can add baking soda, 1-2 drop of your favorite antibacterial essential oil or a bit of dish soap if greasy.


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