Fabric Stain Remover Veille sur toi

Special collection in collaboration with Veille sur toi

Say goodbye to stubborn stains with our fabric stain remover specially designed for modern moms who care about the cleanliness and safety of their family. This revolutionary product simplifies everyday life by effectively removing the toughest stains, while ensuring a safe formula for use around children and pets. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your clothes will be impeccable, without compromising on the safety of your home.

500ml format

Recommended use

  • Blood, grease, grass and mud stains on fabric
  • Clothing, diaper covers, bibs, etc.
  • Stuffed animals and cuddly toys

Immerse yourself in a sensory world where black cherry evokes a mysterious aura, balsam fir refreshes like a walk in the forest, tangerine energizes and rosewood comforts. Each olfactory note tells a unique story, transporting those who immerse themselves in a whirlwind of emotions and sensations.

Marseille soap 72% olive oil, water, baking soda, vinegar, essential oils

Format: 500ML
Sale price$15.95 CAD